Resource Centre for Environmental Technologies

Our department, the Resource Centre for Environmental Technologies (CRTE) focuses its research activities on environmental technologies.

Its objectives are aimed primarily towards:

  • the development and application of tools contributing to the integrated protection of the environment
  • the implementation of solid environmental policies
  • increasing scientific knowledge regarding the flow of materials and energy and the development of technologies and concepts for their sound management.

Innovating for the environment

Through these research and innovation activities, CRTE aims to increase scientific knowledge regarding the flow of materials and energy generated by human activity and most of all to develop technologies and concepts that enable these to be managed sustainably and in a holistic manner. However, our activities don't end there. Our department is also active in the development and application of tools and methods that allow for a pro-active, integrated approach to the protection of the environment, while also supporting the implementation of environmental policies that integrate socio-economic issues.

The Resource Centre for Environmental Technologies (CRTE)

CRTE is a joint structure managed by CRP Henri Tudor and the Ministry for Sustainable Development and Infrastructures. We have more than 50 multi-disciplinary researchers divided into two research units who network with institutional, industrial and academic partners. Our premises, located in Esch-Belval, benefit from cutting-edge equipment, including simulation and modelling software as well as field material and equipment.

Our department also plays an important supporting role in the definition, evaluation and implementation of environmental policies, through research and innovation, services to public actors and businesses, and awareness-raising and training activities.

We contribute to the innovation programmes of CRP Henri Tudor mainly through mature innovation and research services such as evaluation, consulting, training, measurements and analysis.

We invest in the future

Our investment programmes reflect the skills and fields that we plan to develop in the near future. They are in tune with a track record of success and opportunities to be seized. Through them we will:

  • Anticipate the key challenges faced by environmental policy decision-makers and develop appropriate and transferrable responses
  • Reinforce our skills and expertise in environmental evaluation and management
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