Alexandre Baudet

Develop and validate a competency self-assessment tool



The purpose of this thesis is to develop a model, and its associated technological tool, to self-assess competencies of professionals. This tool could serve as a guide for identify the skills already acquired and those that are lacking.
One of the qualities of this technological tool will be its adaptive aspect. The advantages of adaptive and computer-based testing will be an automatic generation of items based on a skill-card, a greater accuracy of the measure with fewer items, a safer testing and the possibility of automatic and immediate evaluation. Our tool will also reduce or avoid cheating or under/over-estimation through the random generation of skill levels.
The methodology is divided in two parts: states of the art and the construction of its tool. 
  • States of the art:
- States of the art of competency model, assessment’s tools…
- Construction of our competency assessment model.
- Validation: convergent and content validity of self-assessment.
  • Construction and validation of the tool: User centred design approach.

The “quality” of our model and its tool will be revealed by the tool’s use.

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