FuturICT project - Tudor represents Luxembourg as National hub leader

Publié le vendredi 2 novembre 2012 - 15:00


FuturICT FET flagship project’s full proposal has been successfully submitted to European Commission. Tudor represents Luxembourg as National hub leader in the proposal.

The FuturICT FET flagship project’s team has submitted an outstanding proposal to the European Commission of behalf of the consortium. FuturICT was rated 1st out of the 21 proposals received for the initial stage of the competition which asks for visionary and highly ambitious proposals around Big Science projects.

The Public Research Centre Henri Tudor, as national hub leader for Luxembourg, is official partner in the large consortium. The Centre will be involved mainly in networking activities in order to promote Luxembourgish research topics in this European research initiative and hence to prepare Luxembourg for the open call of FuturICT early 2014, considering that the project will be accepted in January 2013.


More info about FuturICT

The unifying goal of the FuturICT FET flagship is to integrate the fields of information and communication technologies (ICT), social sciences and complexity science, to develop a new kind of participatory science and technology that will help us to understand, explore and manage the complex, global, socially interac­tive systems that make up our world today, while at the same time paving the way for a new paradigm of ICT systems that will leverage socio-inspired self-organisation, self-regulation, and collective awareness.

FuturICT is in perfect alignment with Europe’s Vision 2020 with its strong focus on innovation and socio-economic-environmental as well as health challenges. Big Data and Open Data are the “oil of the 21st century” and as Europe is scarce of natural resources, it must build on ideas so the ability to refine them can become Europe’s newest resource. Innovations in this area will offer new opportunities for small and medium-sized businesses, for self-employment and stimulate an age of creativity leading to economic, social and cultural prosperity.


>> Visit www.futurict.lu Website to be informed on the national on-going activities

>> Get more info here as well: www.futurict.eu





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